Thursday, November 12, 2009

How I Met Chari's Wife

BxP's first TV series...


How I Met Chari's Wife

Casting :

Chari's Wife

Genre : Pevert max.

Director : Narri
Asst. Dir : KT


Season 1 : DDD

Dhuppatlo DhanaaDhan

One fine sunday midnight..Osho's house ... (Osho went to some meditattion classes in Aurangabad)...
camera view from the window... showing a black blanket.... inside it -->
Jaffa banging someone ...
face not shown .... but ob ... its osho's house :D

One more fine sunday midnight.. Jaffa's house ... (Jaffa went to some IEEE Conference on Effective Space and Frequency Modulation Techniques) ...
camera view from the window... showing a white blanket this time... inside it -->
Osho banging someone ...
face not shown .... but ob ... its Jaffa's house :D

End of season1 ...


Season 2 : PPP

Pakkalo Pakkintodi Pellam

One not so fine sunday midnight.. this time its Chari's house... ( Chari went to his manager's house - dont ask reasons) ...
camera view from the main door...
Jaffa knocks the main door (planning to bang Chari's wife)...
someone opened the door.... Jaffa was shocked...

before he cud come out of the shock, Osho came there ..!!!!
Unfortunately he was also shocked...!!

Wat jaffa thot tht he was banging osho's wife was wrong... tht was Chari's wife !!
Wat Osho thot tht he was banging Jaffa's wife was wrong... tht was Chari's wife !!


End of season2...


Season 3 :


Also called, in yendamavulu style ...... endipoyina edu (7) O.o

Chari tries to figure out wat the problem was.... is tht his inability to satisfy his wife.... or is it jaffa's or osho's lust tht led to this situation....

watever is the prob .. now its chari's responsibilty to make sure tht it wont repeat... In tht attempt, Chari tries 7 different styles , one per week, to satisfy his wife...

Will he succeed ???
Will Jaffa or Osho succeed again ??

Lets see it in season4 !!

End of season3...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

_|_ narri

DF has become so irritable that i got too many scripts ... too many movies...and only one actor :D

But fortunately,,, most of the scripts i received are &*%$# and as narri anti fans assoc does make any pervert bizarre muvis, I will put those scripts here :P

Here are few good &*%$# movies ...


movie title : guddalo kollabaddha
caption: 8.84/10 cms( will get much deeper)
starring: narri
reason: an inspirational movie for 10-p aspirants
rating: only for perverts

starting with 8.32 in 1-1 cms the movie shows how narri worked hard for getting deeper and deeper on(with) the scale


movie title: nuvvu vangithey neenu dengutha
caption: cant get gayish than this
starring: narri
rating: not even for the perverts

movie title: nuvvu vangakapoina neenu denguta
caption: can get gayish than this
starring: T.S.S
rating: unrateble
reason: a spoof of narris film "vangithey dengutha"