Wednesday, November 11, 2009

_|_ narri

DF has become so irritable that i got too many scripts ... too many movies...and only one actor :D

But fortunately,,, most of the scripts i received are &*%$# and as narri anti fans assoc does make any pervert bizarre muvis, I will put those scripts here :P

Here are few good &*%$# movies ...


movie title : guddalo kollabaddha
caption: 8.84/10 cms( will get much deeper)
starring: narri
reason: an inspirational movie for 10-p aspirants
rating: only for perverts

starting with 8.32 in 1-1 cms the movie shows how narri worked hard for getting deeper and deeper on(with) the scale


movie title: nuvvu vangithey neenu dengutha
caption: cant get gayish than this
starring: narri
rating: not even for the perverts

movie title: nuvvu vangakapoina neenu denguta
caption: can get gayish than this
starring: T.S.S
rating: unrateble
reason: a spoof of narris film "vangithey dengutha"


  1. reyy pichi pooooka.... inni rojuluu bowlers chustarani blog lo boothulu rayala,... ippudu fixxx inka.... u gg anthe... :-/

  2. sexy chari..plz add more movies on narri :P